Grafik Industrieanlage


Seven Locations – One Museum

Detail shots of gears

What was the Rhineland like at the time when countless looms were humming and chimneys smoking? How had electricity changed the lives of people and what was it like to work at a steam hammer?

Today you can relive all this close up: At the LVR-Industriemuseum.

At seven authentic sites, the LVR-Industriemuseum relates the moving story of industrialisation along the Rhine and the Ruhr and how this work and daily grind formed the people – and what’s more where all this actually took place: in the former factories. When the drive belts whirr, the furnaces glow and the hammers pound, one feels the legacy of a region in which once the heart of textiles, paper, iron and steel used to beat. Why not visit us in the Zinkfabrik Altenberg (Zinc Factory) Zinkfabrik Altenberg, the St. Antony-Hütte (Ironworks) St. Antony-Hütte, the Textilfabrik Cromford (Textile Mill) , the Gesenkschmiede Hendrichs (Drop Forge) Gesenkschmiede Hendrichs, the Papiermühle Alte Dombach (Paper Mill) Papiermühle Alte Dombach, the Kraftwerk Ermen & Engels (Power Plant) Kraftwerk Ermen & Engels and the Tuchfabrik Müller (Cloth Factory) Tuchfabrik Müller.

Together with the eight sites of the LWL-Industriemuseum of the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL), the LVR-Industriemuseum represents the most important branches of industry and the various stages of industrial development in North Rhine Westphalia.

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