The Ermen & Engels power plant is on winter break and is only open to groups on request. From 31.03.2023 it will be open again regularly.

Grafik Kraftwerk Ermen & Engels

Schools and Leisure Groups

Options for children and adolescents in kindergarten, school and leisure groups

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During guided tours, group work or activity-oriented options which appeal to all the senses, children and adolescents get to know the historic Kraftwerk Ermen & Engels (Power Plant) and the Oelchenshammer (Forging Hammer) and develop motoric and social competence through the museum education programmes.

Options at the Kraftwerk Ermen & Engels (Power Plant)

Electricity workshop

Options at the Oelchenshammer (Forging Hammer)

Information for teachers

Options at the Kraftwerk Ermen & Engels (Power Plant)

Boy in the treasure hunt

2. Museum Rally: Treasure hunt on Engels-Platz

17 mysterious treasure chests invite primary school children to take a journey into the past on the premises of the former cotton spinning mill. The museum rally provides an exciting link between learning and play and enables the children to discover the museum topics independently following a short introduction about the exhibition.

Age: 6 – 11 years / 1st – 4th class

Duration: 1 – 1.5 hours

Price: 40 € per group

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1. The kindling spark

During a guided tour around the Power Plant of the former cotton spinning mill the children learn how electricity was generated with turbines, water power and a steam engine in one of the first electric Power Plants in Germany and how this changed the work in the factory and the everyday lives of the people.

Age: 6 – 19 years / 1st – 13th class

(The programme is adapted to the age of the group)

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Price per group: 40 € per group

We recommend that two tours be booked for groups with more than 20 participants and the group split up accordingly.

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Electricity Workshop

4. Station learning in the electricity workshop

Bookable offer for all types of schools

Electricity comes from the plug socket. But how does it get there, how is it generated and what does that mean for the environment and for the wallet? These are questions which the children and adolescents can actively study at the LVR-Industriemuseum Kraftwerk Ermen & Engels (Power Plant): in the Electricity Workshop.

More about the Electricity Workshop

Options at the Oelchenshammer (Forging Hammer) (from April to October)

Water wheel on the Oelchenshammer

5. The Last Hammer

During this guided tour the children and adolescents experience one of the last functioning water-powered forging hammers in the Oberbergisches Land in a unique manner. With the idyllic mill pond, the waterwheels, hammers and chimneys, the complex which is more than 200 years old presents a lively picture of how steel was once produced using fire and water.

Age: 6 – 19 years / primary schools and secondary schools (the programme is adapted to the age of the group)

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Price: 50 € per group (40 € for school classes)

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Children watch the blacksmith

6. Hot Forging

Children and adolescents experience the historic forging hammer in action and the work of the museum forger at the hammer and chimney. At the same time they learn fascinating facts about iron extraction and steel processing in the Bergisches Land.

Age: 11 – 19 years / secondary schools (the programme is adapted to the age of the group)

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Price: 70 € per group (50 € for school classes)

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Girls in work clothes while forging

7. Red-hot Iron

The museum forger lets the boys and girls look over his shoulder while he works. Then it is their turn to forge a piece of red-hot iron for themselves.

Age: from 10 years / from 5th class. . Max. 8 children.

Duration: approx. 2 hours

Price: 90 € per group (70 € for childrens’ groups)

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Dear Teachers,

The museum is an out-of-school place of learning useful for all types of schools and classes and for excursions, project weeks, interdisciplinary learning and events for the (open) full-day school.

We would be pleased to advise you personally on how to integrate the options which we offer into your lessons and we can also compile a special programme for you. We also offer teacher further training upon request. Contact us under Tel. 02263/92850 (Mon-Fri 9-16 hours).

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Discover the Kraftwerk Ermen & Engels (Power Plant) with the KulturScouts

Bookable options in co-operation with the KulturScouts Bergisches Land

The LVR-Industriemuseum Kraftwerk Ermen & Engels (Power Plant) is a partner of KulturScouts Bergisches Land. Girls and boys from school classes 5 to 10 can find out at five interactive stations how power is generated and how it can be used sensibly.