Grafik St.Antony-Hütte Museum Eisenheim Oberhausen

Museum Shop

A look into a shelf in the museum shop of the St. Antony Hütte reveals great souvenirs from the iron and steel industry

The museum shop at the St. Antony-Hütte (Ironworks) offers a wide range of products on the topics covered in the industrial museum. Particularly popular are the miner-style tea-towels, pieces of slag from the archaeological excavations but also cast-iron products and typical Ruhr region souvenirs.

The St. Antony honey in a festive gift box

A very special gift is the wine from the St. Antony vineyard in Nierstein am Rhein which was once owned by Gutehoffnungshütte . In addition there are many other special items to discover. For example the unique Antony Honey produced by six bee colonies which live in the St. Antony-Hütte garden. The museum shop also offers a wide choice of books about the museum, Oberhausen town, the Ruhr region and the Rhineland as well as heavy industry, coal and steel.

A variety of different glasses and cutting tools, postcards and diverse attractive small items round off the assortment.