Grafik Tuchfabrik Müller Euskirchen

Museum Shop

Stringed felt purses for sale

The museum shop offers a wide range of products around the topics of the industrial museum, for example woollen and felt products of all types, sheep in every shape and form or soap made of lanolin. The range of books concentrates on textile topics, fashion history, technical history and literature about the Eifel region.

Red and white and black and white wool blankets for sale

A true speciality are above all the products made from Müller-Tuch, that is cloth made of pure new wool which has been woven on the 100-year old machines in the Tuchfabrik Müller (Cloth Factory). The Müller-Tuch is elegant, without being unpleasantly conspicuous. It warms and protects against wind and weather, absorbs moisture and releases it again, breathes better than all comparable high-tech textiles and does not give creases a chance. As it is woven on historic looms the cloth is – as it was in the past – somewhat heavier and denser than modern types of cloth which are intended to be lighter and cheaper. Therefore Müller products are particularly long-lasting and indestructible - as was the case in the past.

For the museum, scarves and hats of various different models are made of this very special cloth – from classical flat caps right up to modern sports caps or Gatsby caps. The wonderfully warm and soft woollen blankets made of Müller-Tuch are very popular. For the smaller purse there are spectacle cases, mobile phone cases and key-holders. All these products are only produced in small series making them unique.

In addition the museum shop offers various souvenirs, wool and yarn samples or textiles which do not originate from the cloth factory but which are nevertheless attractive and practical: for example the Westphalian miner’s towel.