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Children on a tour with wool flakes

More vividly than in any book, the Tuchfabrik Müller (Cloth Factory) conveys an impression of work in a factory. During guided tours, role plays, activity-oriented programmes, project weeks and cycle tours which appeal to all the senses, the children and adolescents learn about the historic cloth factory, the many varied topics related to it and the cultural landscape of the Erftmühlenbach (stream). In doing so, they develop factual, methodical, technical and social competence as well as creativity and “palpably” experience the difference between pre-industrial manual work and industrial mechanised production.

Detail view of four red thread spindles

From Wool to Cloth: How our clothes are made

Which work steps are there between shearing a sheep and the finished cloth? That is what the children and adolescents experience during a tour around the former Tuchfabrik Müller (Cloth Factory), whereby it is possible to focus on specific topics such as “Workloads” or “Environmental Problems”.

Age: From 5 years of age/ Pre-school – 13th class

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Price: 40 € per group

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Hand puppet Wolli

With Wolli through the cloth factory

Wolli, a hand-puppet designed as a sheep from the puppet theatre “Spielbar” guides the children through the factory rooms and introduces the children to his friends: the carder, the stoker, Mr. Shuttle, the female workers and last but not least Mr. Müller, the factory owner. The hand puppets, marionettes and shadow plays bring the everyday working life in the former factory to life in a surprising and imaginative way.

Age: 5 – 10 years of age / pre-school to 4th class

Duration: approx. 1 hours

Price: 60 € per group

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The Tuchfabrik Müller (Cloth Factory) – Industrialisation in practice

Equipped with questionnaires illustrated with photographs, the pupils actively experience the guided tour though the cloth factory and therefore with lasting effect. During the tour they have sufficient time to work on the questions, to look closely and if necessary to ask questions. The completed questionnaires can also be used subsequently in lessons as follow-up.

Age: from 12 years of age / 6th class

Duration: approx. 2 hours

Price: 80 € per group

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Girls felting

"Felt-Workshop" (from 5 years of age):

Here soft wool fleece and coloured flaked wool are used to make pictures, small balls, ornamental pearls or flowers.

Girl weaves a miniature loom

"We are weaving" (from 5 years of age):

Each child makes a small rag rug made of colourful fleece and material remnants using a simple weaving frame.

Fantasy machine

"We print a phantasy machine" (from 6 years of age):

The programme is directed at children who would like to invent their own machine: with gears, screws and other objects they print their ideas on paper or fabric using coloured paints.

Children play on the model of a steam engine

"With water and steam" (from 8 years of age):

In a play-like manner it is possible to discover which function water has in the factory and what powers the machines.

Children at the Erftmühlenbach

"Living environment Erftmühlenbach" (stream) (from 8 years of age):

(Only from May to October)

What is hidden away in and near water? Equipped with wellington boots, sieve and magnifying glass the animal and plant world of the Erftmühlenbach (stream) are explored.

Children coloring

"The blue wonder" (from 10 years of age):

Flaked wool and pieces of fabric are dyed using indigo.

Young people write with ink and pen in "German script"

"Writing & Copying just as 100 years ago" (from 10 years of age):

Children and adolescents write a letter in “German Script” using a quill, a fountain pen and copying ink Then they try their skills in antiquated “wet copying” using the copy press.

Colorfully colored water in glasses

"Water – a special substance" (from 10 years of age):

Research and test the different properties of water in small experiments.

Different fabrics that were stamped with different motifs

"Mein Design - Altes neu gestyled"(ab 12 Jahren): “My Design – Outdated re-styled” (from 12 years)

Re-design jeans & co with stamps and stencil printing and investigate textile production worldwide. All programmes for school classes include a guided tour around the cloth factory. All programmes are adapted to the level of the group.

Duration: 2 – 3 hours

Price: 80 € – 120 € per group (depending on the programme)


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