Grafik Gesenkschmiede Hendrichs


Temporary and Permanent Exhibitions

Temporary Exhibition

Two children play with a crafted machine and set it in motion.

Die Mitmach-Maschine

An exhibition for all from 5 years

The "Mitmach-Maschine" is a wonderful, chaotic system of belts, wheels and drive rods. It is a big walk-in play, art and technology machine that produces nothing, but offers a lot: for the eye, for the ear, for touch, for the desire to move and for the mind.The special feature: Every child is involved in tinkering, building and designing the machine! A variety of materials are available in workshops.

From 25.1.2023

Gesenkschmiede Hendrichs, Solingen

Permanent Exhibition

Family in the exhibition

A museum at work

The drive belts whir, the furnaces glow and the hammer beats. There is a very special atmosphere, which is both fascinating and makes one curious. Workers in blue overalls stand at the drop hammers and forge scissors. In addition, the mechanisation of grinding is illustrated and the life and work of the people in the cutlery production explained. The stately company villa dating from 1896 gives insights into the living environment of the entrepreneur’s family.