Grafik Gesenkschmiede Hendrichs Solingen

Villa Hendrichs

Living environment of the entrepreneur's family

Large white villa with bay windows on a meadow

The stately villa dating from 1896 is situated adjacent to the drop forge and gives visitors insights into the middle-class living environment of the entrepreneurial family Hendrichs.

Historic seating group with red velvet cover in an old building

Just ten years after establishing the company, the Hendrichs brothers were able to afford the villa with the prominent bay windows. The building was strictly symmetrically designed and each building half provided space for the families of the two company founders. The new company villa symbolised the rise from a workman’s to an industrialist’s family.

The exhibition depicts how the factory owners in Solingen lived some 100 years ago. Visitors are given information about the architecture of the company villa, learn something about the typical furniture and interior design style of the time, the middle-class representation culture and the attitude of the middle-class to the family.

The villa is accessible during the normal opening hours of the museum (please register at the ticket counter) or as part of guided tours. An audio-guide is available for the exhibition in the industrialist’s villa.

The museum restaurant with winter garden is located in the villa. The “Villa Zefyros” indulges you with modern Greek cuisine in an idyllic ambience. In the summer, the beautiful garden with its old tree population invites one to stay for a while.

Audio Guide

There is also an audio version of the history of the Villa Hendrichs. When visiting the exhibition you can borrow an audio guide to listen to the descriptions.

The audio data files are also available to be downloaded on to your mobile device. This gives you the opportunity to experience the tour of the museum with your own smartphone or MP-3 player.

Enjoy your visit!

Audio Guide for Villa Hendrichs (MP3, 11.63 MB)