Grafik Industrieanlage

Current exhibitions at the LVR-Industriemuseum

The Participation-Machine

Girl on a bicycle that produces electricity

An exhibition for everyone from 5 years

The Participation machine is a wonderful, chaotic system of belts, wheels and drive rods. It is a large walk-in play, art and technology machine that produces nothing, but offers a lot: for the eye, for the ear, for touch, for the desire to move and for the mind. The special feature: Every child tinkers, builds and designs on the machine! A variety of materials are available in workshops.

25.1.2023 - 6.8.2023, Hendrichs drop forge, Solingen

Raids for Fashion

Of luxury, pleasure and suffering. 1800 until today

The exhibition shows original pieces of clothing and accessories made of animal materials, such as fur, feathers, pearls, mother-of-pearl and ray skin, as well as pictures and film clips from the period. Interactive stations give the opportunity to experience and explore the materials sensually. The exhibition is complemented by a presentation of paintings by the Berlin artist Oliver Mark from the series "Natura Morta".

5.3.2023 - 7.1.2024, Tuchfabrik Müller, Euskirchen