Grafik Tuchfabrik Müller


Two men and two women catch falling wool

Two men and two women catch falling wool

1. From wool to cloth

At the Tuchfabrik Müller (Cloth Factory) everything appears as it did on the last working day: On the wall hangs a tear-off calendar from the year 1961, a worker left his coffee cup at his workplace, tools are strewn around next to the machines. Experience the historic factory with the production workshops machines in action during the guided tour. The textile machines which are around 100 years old are put into action again and you can experience close-up how many work steps are involved in making fine cloth from loose wool.

Age: From 14 years

Duration: approx. 75 minutes

Price: 50 € per group plus entrance fee

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Felt slippers

2. Felt Art – Art from Felt

In this workshop you learn how easy it is to make attractive and also useful items out of felt. Whether pretty jewellery, original pictures or practical egg warmers – many an “artistic work” can be made of felt.

Age: From 16 years

Duration: approx. 2 hours

Price: 20 € per person (incl. material)

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