Grafik Textilfabrik Cromford


Temporary and Permanent Exhibitions

Temporary Exhibition

Raids For Fashion

Luxury, Desire and Suffering. 1800 – present day

Sleek furs, exotic feathers or iridescent pearls – from time immemorial people have been fascinated by the beauty of the animal world. Despite protests, despite animal and species protection: Materials obtained from animals are still an important feature in current fashion trends. The exhibition presents original items of clothing and accessories made of materials obtained from animals, for example furs, feathers, pearls, mother of pearl or ray skin and in addition pictures and film excerpts from the appropriate period.

11.07.2021 - 26.06.2022, Textilfabrik Cromford (Textile Mill), Ratingen


Permanent exhibitions

View of historical spinner head


The first factory on the continent – is located in Ratingen. Today the first mechanical cotton spinning mill to be set up outside England is the only museum worldwide which demonstrates the processing of raw cotton to finished yarn on machines reconstructed according to the originals dating from the 18th century.


Looking through rooms in the manor house, you can see a yellow sofa and a piano


The exhibition depicts the life and work of the Brügelmann family from 1783 to 1864. The late baroque building was the administrative heart of one of the most important companies towards the end of the 18th century and at the same time the middle-class residence of one of the leading industrialist families.