Grafik Industrieanlage


Above, from left to right: LVR Archaeological Park Xanten, RuhrMuseum, Rotes Haus Monschau. Below, from left to right: Museu de la Ciència i de la Tècnica de Catalunya in Terrassa, Zeche Zollern of the LWL-Industriemuseum Dortmund, Ecomusée Creusot-Montceau in Montceau-les-mines

The LVR-Industriemuseum maintains close partnerships with two museums in Europe with comparable subject matter and structure: Museu de la Ciència i de la Tècnica de Catalunya in Terrassa, Spain, and Ecomusée Le Creusot in Montceau-Les-Mines, France.

In addition working relationships with project-related contacts exist between the various LVR Industriemuseum sites and corresponding museums specialising in certain subjects in other European countries.

The individual LVR Industriemuseum sites are also integral parts of regional industrial culture networks:

For example Tuchfabrik Müller (Cloth Factory) in Euskirchen plays an active role in the alliances of Regio Aachen and Euregio. Four sites of the LVR-Industriemuseum in the Industriekultur Bergisches Land e.V. network are linked to countless other supporters of industrial historic monuments and institutions

Furthermore some of our museums can be found in larger tourist networks, for example, the Route of Industrial Heritage in the Ruhr Region. On the European Route of Industrial Heritage Tuchfabrik Müller (Cloth Factory) and Gesenkschiede Hendrichs (Drop Forge) are important anchor points of European industrial history.

The virtually instinctive partnership between the LVR-Industriemuseum and the LWL-Industriemuseum – with its eight sites in the Westphalian region – involves not only specific division of work according to industrial sector - but also close co-operation with respect to exhibition projects and event programmes.

Partners in the World Heritage Project “Industrial Cultural Landscape Ruhr Region”

On 12.06.2014 in connection with the process of updating the German tentative list for UNESCO World Heritage the German Standing Committee of Ministers for Cultural Affairs (KMK) recommended to the proposing state North Rhine Westphalia that research into the “Industrial Heritage Landscape Ruhr Region” be continued in order to qualify the project for inclusion in the German tentative list. The project partners “Industrial Heritage Landscape Ruhr Region” followed up this recommendation with comprehensive research and expertise as well as staging an international symposium with appropriate documentation on the topic of “Industrial heritage landscapes in the context of World Heritage” in cooperation with ICOMOS Germany and TICCIH Germany.


  • Ministerium für Bauen, Wohnen, Stadtentwicklung und Verkehr des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen (MBWSV)
  • Regionalverband Ruhr (RVR)
  • Landschaftsverband Rheinland (LVR)
  • Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL)
  • Emschergenossenschaft (EG)