Grafik Kraftwerk Ermen & Engels Oelchenshammer Engelskirchen

For the Spontaneous visit

Visit the museum without prior booking (from April to October)

Between April and October the Kraftwerk Ermen & Engels (Power Plant) and the Oelchenshammer (Forging Hammer) offer individual visitors and small groups many options to undertake a tour of discovery..

Each 4th Sunday in the month at 15.00 hours there is a guided tour through the former Power Plant. It is not necessary to book in advance. There are guided tours at the Oelchenshammer (Forging Hammer) each first Sunday in the month at 15.00 hours, public forging demonstrations take place each 2nd Sunday in the month from 14 to 18 hours (only from April to October).

We recommend that ramblers take the museum walk from the Kraftwerk Ermen & Engels (Power Plant) to the Oelchenshammer (Forging Hammer). Information about this is available from the museum.

Information for the visit