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Children try floating water mills in the Elpbach

St. Antony-Hütte (Ironworks) and the Eisenheim Museum (Housing Estate) present the beginnings of industrialisation and life in one of the first workers’ housing settlements on the Rhine and Ruhr in a very vivid way. During guided tours and activity-oriented events children and adolescents become acquainted with these historic locations and gain technical and social competence.

Options at the St. Antony-Hütte (Ironworks)

Options at the Eisenheim Museum (Housing Estate)

Options at the St. Antony-Hütte (Ironworks)

Two girls look at objects in a showcase

St. Antony-Hütte(Ironworks) – Cradle of the Ruhr industry

The heart of the Ruhr region first began to beat at the St. Antony-Hütte (Ironworks). As if it were business crime thriller, the guided tour explains to the children and adolescents how a global company developed from these tentative beginnings. In the industrial-archaeological park one can see what the ironworks once looked like and how it functioned: The route passes through history from the difficult beginnings of ironworking in the Ruhr region in the early period of industrialisation to the Oberhausen-based global company. Gutehoffnungshütte.

Age group: 10 – 19 years / 5th – 13th class. Max. 15 participants.

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Price: 45 € per group

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Options at the Eisenheim Museum (Housing Estate)

(bookable from Easter to 31st October)

Exterior view of the Eisenheim museum

For hardworking workers and qualified foremen

A tour through the museum and the Eisenheim housing settlement explains the housing and living conditions in the oldest workers’ housing estate in the Ruhr region.

Age group: 11 – 19 years / 6th – 13th class. Max. 15 participants.

Duration: approx. 1.5 hours

Price: 45 € per group

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