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Association of Friends

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Man forging at the anvil

The Förderverein Industriemuseum e.V. (Association of Friends) supports the LVR-Industriemuseum Solingen in various different ways e.g.:

  • Building up the collection
  • Purchasing resources for the technical and academic running of the museum
  • Acquiring items for and extending a special library on regional, social and economic history
  • Building up a digital picture archive
  • Supporting the running of the museum with the help of voluntary staff
  • Running the branches in the historic industrial monuments
  • Obtaining donations and funds from sponsors
  • Culinary options at large-scale events
  • Promotion of academic research into the history of craft and industry, technology and culture as well as entrepreneurship and the working class in the Solingen
  • Communicating research results through events and publications

• In order to perform these tasks the association seeks new members and donations. Sponsorship membership is also possible.

Members of the Association of Friends are informed about all events and are entitled to free entrance to all the sites of the LVR-Industriemuseum in the Rhineland.

Annual Contribution (Status 1.1.2012):

Individual Persons: 15 €

Schoolchildren, Students etc.: 7.50 €

Families: 20 €

Public Corporations, Legal Entities, Companies etc.:40 €

Stadt-Sparkasse Solingen

BLZ 342 500 00

Account no. 41400

Association Office:

Förderverein Industriemuseum Solingen e.V.

Merscheider Str. 289,

42699 Solingen

Tel. 0212 / 232410

Fax 0212 / 320429

Website of the association