Grafik Kraftwerk Ermen & Engels Oelchenshammer Engelskirchen

Oelchenshammer (Forging Hammer)

One of the last water-powered forging hammers in the Oberbergisches Land

Exterior view of the Oelchenshammer

A special attraction belongs to the LVR-Industriemuseum in Engelskirchen: the Oelchenshammer (forging hammer) in the Bickenbach district. Idyllically location in a tributary valley of the Agger River, it is the last functioning water-powered forging hammer in the Oberbergisches Land. The mill pond in a beautiful setting, the historic waterwheels, the hammers and chimneys present a lively picture of how steel was produced using fire and water in the 200 year-old complex.

Blacksmith holds something in a fire in the furnace

During the forging season from April to October visitors have an opportunity to look over the museum forger´s shoulder on many Sundays.

The Oelchenshammer (Forging Hammer) is situated directly at the edge of the woods in the immediate vicinity of the small river Leppe where with its very special atmosphere it is also an ideal location for business and private events. It is also possible to tie the knot here. Marriages can be arranged at Oelchenshammer through the Registry Office in Engelskirchen.

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The Oelchenshammer (Forging Hammer) is only open from April to October. The season always starts on the first Sunday in April.

Kraftwerk Ermen & Engels (Power Plant) and the Oelchenshammer (Forging Hammer) on film!

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