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Information on Accessibility

Museum for Everyone

Recreated bedroom in the museum Eisenheim

We want you to feel comfortable at the museum and ensure that your stay in the Eisenheim Museum is tailored to your requirements. The museum is has few obstacles and offers many options. Please tell the museum staff if you require assistance.

For persons with restricted mobility and in wheelchair users

Pictogram shows a person in a wheelchair

For monument preservation reasons it was not possible to make any constructional changes. Therefore neither the Eisenheim Museum in the former washhouse in the housing estate nor the museum dwelling are accessible obstacle-free.

Further information:

  • All rooms and facilities can be reached without steps or with maximum one step.
  • All openings/doors are at least 70 cm wide.
  • There is no carpark. It is only possible to park on the Berliner Straße.
  • Access to the Eisenheim Museum is via a step 14 cm high.
  • Access to the dwelling (only possible as part of a guided tour) is via two steps each 15 cm high. A staircase with 15 steps connects the ground floor with the first floor.
  • The height of the ticket counter is 95 cm.
  • All openings/doors are at least 87 cm wide
  • Mobile seats are available.
  • The exhibits can be viewed standing or seated.

For deaf persons and persons with hearing disabilities

Pictogram showing two hands

Our museum offers Sunday guided tours on specific dates for deaf persons and persons with hearing disabilities. The tours last approximately 90 minutes.

The guided tours are translated into German sign language by a sign language interpreter. The sign language interpreter is paid by the Landschaftsverband Rheinland. The normal museum entrance fee is applicable. At the St. Antony-Hütte there is a reduced rate for severely disabled persons (4 €), the entrance charge for the Eisenheim Museum is 2.50 €.

Deaf persons can, of course, book individual guided tours with a sign language interpreter at a time to suit them during the opening hours of the museum. We will organise a sign language interpreter for you. The cost of the sign language interpreter is paid by the LVR. The fee for a guided tour is 50 € plus the museum entrance fee. Museum entrance fee (group price for severely disabled persons: 3.50 € per person).

Please contact us at least four weeks prior to the desired date by completing the booking form (PDF, 42 KB) .

Further information:

  • There is a written explanation of the exhibits.
  • There is no inductive hearing system
  • There is no alarm (e.g. fire alarm) in the exhibition rooms.

For visually impaired and blind persons

Pictogram shows a crossed-out eye

The museum premises and the buildings do not have a guide system for blind persons. We therefore recommend that visually impaired and blind persons are accompanied. Assistance dogs are permitted.

Upon request it is possible to book a guided tour for a group of visually impaired persons and blind persons. During this guided tour there is an opportunity to touch as many exhibits as possible. The tour lasts around 90 minutes.

The fee for the guided tour is 50 € (school groups 45 €). The museum entrance fee is also applicable. At the St. Antony-Hütte (Ironworks) there is a reduced group rate for severely disabled persons (3.50 € per person), the entrance fee for the Eisenheim Museum is 2.50 €.

The programme should be arranged at least two weeks in advance if possible.

Further information:

  • Outside there are no easily visible or tactile path boundaries.
  • In the buildings there are no visual high-contrast or tactile floor indicators.
  • Rooms and stairs are brightly illuminated dazzle-free.
  • On the paths and in the rooms there are no obstacles, e.g. protruding objects or tripping points.
  • There are no carrousel doors or revolving doors.
  • Doors and door frames are offset in high contrast to the surroundings.
  • Exhibits contrast visually from the surroundings and are well illuminated.
  • The written information is easily legible and in high contrast script.
  • There is no information in Braille or prism script.

For persons with cognitive impairments

Pictogram shows a head with an exclamation mark

All guided tours and programmes are adjusted to the needs of school classes and groups of persons with learning difficulties. They are presented in simple, comprehensible language. The guided tours and programmes should be arranged at least two weeks prior to the planned date if possible.

Further information:

  • Name and logo of the institution are clearly recognisable from outside.
  • The cash desk is immediately visible from the entrance.
  • The end of the path is in sight or there are signs available at constantly visible intervals.
  • The exhibits are presented so that they are visible.
  • There is no information available in simple language nor depicted with pictograms or pictures.

“Reisen für alle” (Tours for Everyone)

The Eisenheim Museum has been certified in the qualification system "Reisen für alle" (Tours for everyone). This is a co-operation project sponsored by the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy) , the Deutsches Seminar für Tourismus (DSFT) Berlin e. V. and the Verein Tourismus für Alle Deutschland e.V. - NatKo.

Detailed inspections reports on the Eisenheim Museum (Housing Estate)

Further information on the project “Reisen für alle”

Information and booking

Persons who require assistance during their visit are requested to inform kulturinfo rheinland accordingly. Special guided tours should be arranged at least one week in advance.

Information on all LVR-Industriemuseum sites and guided tour bookings:

kulturinfo rheinland

Tel.: 02234 9921-555(telephone lines open: Mon – Fri 8 – 18 hours; Sat, Sun and public holidays 10 – 15 hours)
Fax: 02234 9921-300