Grafik Gesenkschmiede Hendrichs Solingen

Museum Shop

Look into the museum shop

The LVR-Industriemuseum Solingen has an attractive museum shop which has been set up in the historic ambiance of the grinding hall dating from 1915. Of course, cutlery takes pride of place amongst the items on sale. Solingen is still one of the world's leading centers in this industry.

Look into the museum shop

You can choose from a very diverse selection of items from the comprehensive and high-quality product ranges offered by the Solingen industry and also other European sites, from kitchen knife to cook’s knife, from penknife to waiter’s knife or from embroidery scissors to household scissors in different price ranges and qualities. The museum scissors are still manufactured in the museum. Particularly popular are the so-called “multi-coloured”, richly decorated scissors for which the Gesenkschmiede Hendrichs (Drop Forge) was once well-known far and wide.

The museum shop programme also focusses on literature, illustrated books and maps on industrial heritage in particular in the “Bergisches Städtedreieck” (Bergisch town triangle of Solingen, Wuppertal and Remscheid). In addition to the numerous publications relating to the site itself, there are many suggestions for a longer stay in the congenial and versatile region.