Winter break

The Museum Eisenheim is in winter break until Easter Sunday (31.3.2024) and is closed.

Grafik St.Antony-Hütte Museum Eisenheim Oberhausen

Eisenheim Museum

The oldest workers' housing estate in the Ruhr region

Photo collage on a wall - Museum Eisenheim

The Museum Eisenheim presents the history of the oldest workers' settlement in the Ruhr region. Founded more than 175 years ago by one of the largest steel and mining companies at the time, Gutehoffnungshütte (GHH), it provided a new home for people flocking to the burgeoning industrial region.

To this day, the Eisenheim housing estate in Oberhausen-Osterfeld is a living testimony to the history of the Ruhr region. It is home and a place of identification for a diverse neighborhood, the city and the region. Surrounded by modern life in the settlement, visitors* learn about the origins and development of the settlement in the former washhouse. They learn who founded it, where its residents came from, and gain insight into life and everyday life in the settlement up to the committed struggle for its preservation in the 1970s. The apartment in one of the settlement houses invites visitors to be guests of an Eisenheim family, to meet former residents and to directly compare yesterday and today. The exhibition makes this possible in four languages.

The Museum Eisenheim is open in the summer season from Easter Sunday to the last Sunday in October. Throughout the year, guided walks through the settlement take place regularly or can be booked individually.

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Tickets for the Eisenheim Museum can be purchased on the site or in advance from our Ticketshop.