Grafik Gesenkschmiede Hendrichs Solingen


View of the water-powered drive

As early as the Middle Ages, the abundance of water in the Bergisches Land made it possible to set up numerous numerous grinding workshops along the many watercourses. In these workshops, the heavy grindstones and the wooden wheels for fine grinding were driven by a water wheel.

In the last remaining original Solingen grinding cottage “Wipperkotten” the outworkers still work with water power. It is idyllically situated at the spot where the “Weinsberger Bach” (stream) – popularly known as the “Wipper” – runs into the Wupper river.

Look at the grindstones

Whilst the part of the imposing double workshop complex on the Wupper side is in private hands, the Wipperkotten grinding workshop is run by an Association of Friends in close co-operation with the LVR-Industriemuseum. Not only the drive axles and transmission wheels of the water powered system, but also documentation about the past history of the workshop and the grinder’s craft can be found on the ground floor.

Address: Förderverein Wipperkotten e.V., Wipperkotten 2, 42699 Solingen

Opening hours: upon prior booking from monday to Friday only, additionally every first and third sunday in the month from 14–16 hours from April to October.

Entrance: 1 €

Guided tour: 25 €

To book: Groups with more than five persons should book in advance through Schleiferei Wipperkotten, Tel. 0212 6457166

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