Grafik St.Antony-Hütte Museum Eisenheim

Children's Birthday Parties

Birthday party in the museum

Happy girl between two showcases in the St. Antony hut

A fun birthday for the children and at the same time stress-free enjoyment for the parents – that is possible! With the children’s birthday party options at the LVR-Industriemuseum. At the St. Antony-Hütte (Ironworks) the child celebrating a birthday can spend a fun afternoon with their siblings and friends and at the same time learn a great deal about the thrilling history of the iron and steel industry on the Rhine and Ruhr.

The playground next door to the museum also makes a trip to the St. Antony Hütte an experience. The central attraction is a ten metre high tower which represents a furnace – with slide, climbing walls, rope ladders, inclined ascent and tube telephones

Girl sits at a sandpit

Junior archaeologists at St. Antony

Search, discover, study – children become archaeologists. Their own excavation field awaits them in the first industrial-archaeological park in Germany. They familiarise themselves with the appropriate tools such as shovels, fine brushes and hand-brushes and try them out. What is there to be found here? The finds are “scientifically” described and speculation as to their significance made. At the end an archaeologist’s certificate beckons.

St. Antony-Hütte (Ironworks)

Age group: 7 – 10 years. 5-8 participants.

Duration: approx. 2.5 hours

Price: 75 € per group

To book

This option can be booked as a leisure programme.