Grafik Zinkfabrik Altenberg


The Oberhausen Heritage Route

Cyclists on the Altenberg site in front of the historic zinc factory

Industrial heritage in Oberhausen in a sporting manner. The varied route connects important industrial buildings and demonstrates impressively how closely urban development and industrialisation are linked in the Ruhr region.

Adults and children ride bicycles against a backdrop of industrial history

The EISENSTRASSE brings together the various sites of the LVR Industriemuseum scattered in the town landscape: “Schwerindustrie” (Heavy Industry) in the former Zinkfabrik Altenberg (Zinc Factory), Museum Platform, Peter-Behrens-Bau, Eisenheim Museum and St. Antony-Hütte (Ironworks). Informative signs clearly indicate the path through the development of Oberhausen. Further town attractions are located along this main route, e.g. the Gasometer and Schloss Oberhausen which can be reached without any problem from the EISENSTRASSE.

Thanks to the Gesellschaft zur Förderung des LVR-Industriemuseums an accompanying book is available on this heritage route. It explains the roots of Oberhausen’s eventful and moving past with historic photographs, practical map material and informative explanations. In addition, as a special service for cyclists, this cycling guide book describes selected cafés and restaurants along the route. The book “Eisenstraße” is available in bookshops and in the LVR-Industriemuseum museum shop, price 7.95 €.

It is also possible to book a guided tour along the EISENSTRASSE.

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