Grafik Tuchfabrik Müller

Bicycle station

Enjoy Culture and Nature

Adults ride bicycles in front of the museum guest house

You get some exercise and at the same time experience culture and nature! The bicycle hire at the LVR-Industriemuseum in Euskirchen-Kuchenheim make this combination possible. There are a total of 30 good quality bicycles for adults and 35 bicycles for adolescents available. The comfortable bicycles are fitted with well-padded and well sprung saddles, 7- or 8-speed gears with back-pedal brake, hub-dynamo lighting, parking light, front fork suspension, saddlebags, bicycle stand.

The flat area around Euskirchen is really ideal for cycling and also offers many interesting sights.

Bike depot

On offer:

Adult bicycles (male/female): 8 € per day, the hire of 10 bicycles or more 6.50€ per day.

Adolescent bicycles: 4 € per day, the hire of 10 bicycles or more 3 € per day

A personal identity card is required to hire bicycles. A refundable deposit of 10€ per bicycle is required. We recommend that you book bicycles in plenty of time in advance: Tel. 02251 1488134

Opening hours Bicycle Hire:

Tuesday to Friday 10 – 17 hours

Saturday and Sunday 11 – 18 hours